What is Moodle?

In case that you represent an academic organization and also you wish to make your sessions available on the internet, then Moodle has to be your very first pick. Moodle delivers an internet education system that is specifically designed for teachers and tutors, who want to help to make their programs accessible online.

For the sake of it’s distinctive potential customers, Moodle was designed to be convenient–to–use by both the lecturer and the student, in order to be more handy. This is why you will find there’s such a significant community, focused on developing plugins and themes that broaden Moodle’s core capabilities.

Moodle is a trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not connected with Grana web hosting.

E-Learning Cloud Hosting Services

Supposing that you manage a web based course for pupils, your website needs to be always available on the internet, regardless of how many students are visiting it concurrently. At Grana web hosting you can find special E-Learning cloud hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. Thus regardless of what takes place, your website will invariably remain on the web.

All of the E-Learning cloud hosting packages furthermore come with unlimited disk space, unrestricted data traffic and limitless MySQL storage. To kick–start your instructional website, we additionally provide you with an absolutely free domain name registration or domain transfer. Additionally, we are going to set up Moodle for your site once you sign up. So, when you log in inside of your control panel, you’ll have your Moodle web site already available on the www, waiting for you.